Submission Guidelines for Writers

Write for Us

Interested in writing an article for us? We’d love to hear from you! In addition to our team of contributing writers, we welcome articles from guest authors and pay $50 per guest piece.

Who We Are

At RESIST, we’re building a media and education platform to fight oppression and support radical movements for love, justice, and liberation.

What We Publish

We’re looking for writers who can do the sort of social justice analysis that’s often missing from the media. To that end, we tend to publish articles of 1,800 words or more that have the following qualities:

Insightful. A RESIST piece should reframe a common narrative, bridge differing perspectives within the progressive movement, or go deeper into current events or politics than the average headline article.

Vulnerable. The tone of pieces should come from a place of vulnerability, meaning the reader should recognize that the writer is not sitting in an ivory tower issuing decrees but speaking as a fellow human being who cares about the state of the world.

Challenging and Direct. Given the times we live in, we need pieces that speak to the current need for resistance, organizing, and advancing real change. Therefore, we value pieces that are direct, center the needs of marginalized people over those of their oppressors, and challenge the reader to do and be better. Though the tone shouldn’t be overly judgmental or smug, it should push people beyond their comfort zones.

Human. Include your opinions. Speak as a person rather than an impartial authority. Call attention to the human elements of the story you’re telling—who are those affected by what you’re writing about? If you’re speaking on something that affects you, write from your perspective. Too often, we report on the problems of our world without properly examining the viscerally felt, human consequences of them. Examine that.

Pitch Process

Choose a topic and thesis for your article and outline your main talking points. If you can, answer the following questions:

  • What issue are you trying to address?
  • Is there a current narrative around this issue that needs to be reframed or corrected?
  • If so, how will your article change this narrative?
  • Is there action the reader can take based on their understanding of this issue?

Include a 2-4 sentence author bio with your pitch. If you have links to your existing writing, all the better!

Send your pitch to: [email protected]

If we’re interested in your pitch, we’ll contact you via email. Unfortunately due to the volume of pitches we receive we cannot respond to all submissions.

If we accept your pitch, we’ll email you the next steps for submitting your full article and getting published on the website.

And last but not least, you will be paid $50 for your work!