About Us

RESIST is a media and education platform to fight oppression and support radical movements for love, justice, and liberation.

For us that means:

  • Recentering the voices and experiences of those who are marginalized even within anti-oppression movements
  • Strengthening the role of social justice movements in shaping mainstream culture, policy, and electoral politics
  • Doing the uncomfortable work of facing racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, and other forms of systemic oppression within our own movements
  • Providing practical tools, knowledge, and resources for radical activism and movement-building
  • Nurturing a social justice culture of connection, indispensability, and compassionate accountability

Launched in November 2016, we’re reaching over half-a-million readers a month and are currently in the process of expanding our number of digital media sites.

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Our Team


Derek Quo Ellerman | Founder & Publisher

Derek is the Founder & Publisher of RESIST and the former Co-Publisher of Everyday Feminism. As a queer, biracial Buddhist, he tries to fuse the radical self-love of Buddhism with an intersectional anti-oppression practice. Prior to his work in digital media, he co-founded Polaris, an international nonprofit combating modern-day slavery. When he’s not working, Derek keeps himself busy being a proud parent of two little ones and remembering the days when he used to have free time.


Jarune Uwujaren | Editor-at-Large

Jarune Uwujaren is an Editor-at-Large at RESIST and currently based in the Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD area. In case you were curious, the name is Nigerian, the person with the name is American, and the e is not silent. They’ve been editing and writing on the subjects of social justice, race, queer identity, and feminism since the start of their career. You can check out more of their writing here. Beyond writing and editing, Jarune is a bird nerd, a sci-fi enthusiast, a devourer of Netflix original series, and a savory grits stan.


Dom Chatterjee | Associate Editor

Dom Chatterjee is Associate Editor at RESIST and founder of the grassroots peer support org QTPoC Mental Health. In December 2016, they launched Rest for Resistance, a platform for queer & trans people of color to share self-care resources, original art, and thoughts about healing from oppression. Dom was once a dessert critic for two glorious years and is secretly a serious musician. They also lead meditations in the NYC area.


Sam Dylan Finch | Associate Editor

Sam Dylan Finch is an Associate Editor at RESIST and the founder of Let’s Queer Things Up!, a blog exploring the intersections of queerness and mental illness. As a neurodiverse, transgender writer, Sam is passionate about amplifying the voices of marginalized people, as well as drawing from his lived experience to educate and empower. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he can often be found sneakily taking photos of every cute dog he encounters and eating a lot of Taco Bell. Check out his blog, read some of his articles, or befriend him on Twitter!


Jen Deerinwater | Social Media Manager, Indigenous Resistance: Crushing Colonialism, and Contributing Writer

Jen is a classically trained vocalist vagabond with a love for books, well made martinis, and antique maps. Jen has several degrees from over priced universities with the student loan debt to prove it. She is an out and proud Bisexual, Hard Femme, Disabled, and is mixed race Tsalagi-a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. After several years spent in the trenches of American politics you can now find her stirring the pot of radical discourse online. Follow her musings and soapbox rants on Twitter and Instagram.


Alisha Acquaye | Contributing Writer

Alisha a Brooklyn-born writer, tea enthusiast and lipstick babe who loves creating all-natural potions for her hair and body. Her writing focuses on race, gender, body, beauty, social issues, and pop culture. You can find her work in The Establishment, TIME, Everyday Feminism, and Bustle. She’s low-key obsessed with Trader Joe’s, Chopped, and creating Spotify playlists.


Miranda Boyd | Contributing Writer

Miranda Jayne Boyd is a writer of features, news, novels and poetry; a musician of the folk-punk variety; a queer intersectional activist with a sharp tongue; and an obvious lover of the semicolon. Her work has taken her from the plains of the Midwest to the lights of Las Vegas where she’s an expert on the bar scene and what it takes to resist systemic oppression. You can watch her block racist queerphobes on Twitter @mirandajboyd and she swears she’ll have her personal site up and running soon.


Kylie Cheung | Contributing Writer

Kylie Cheung is a freelance news writer covering politics and feminism, with a focus on reproductive rights. She has written for The Frisky, Ravishly, ATTN:, Pajiba, and others, and is currently based in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter at @kylietcheung, and on Tumblr at www.kyliecheung.tumblr.com.

KC Clements

KC Clements | Contributing Writer

KC Clements is a queer, non-binary writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Their work and opinions have been featured on Huffington Post, The Establishment, BuzzFeed, Vice, GO Magazine, and trans.cafe. You can follow their writing at aminotfemme.wordpress.com and at @aminotfemme on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and WordPress.


Donyae Coles | Contributing Writer

Donyae Coles is a freelance writer who is just really into people being decent to one another and cats. When she’s not taking on the Patriarchy and White Supremacy she likes to crochet and paint. You can follower her on her blog, Free Nights and Weekends, on Facebook, and Twitter @okokno.


Nichole Dinato | Contributing Writer

Nichole Dinato is the cofounder and cohost of Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! (VWPA), a rowdy vegan podcast run by two unapologetic, feminist, atheist, ethical vegan women. From silly to serious, the show addresses a wide range of topics including dissecting the issues within the vegan movement, tips on fighting the patriarchy, and media reviews from a pro-intersectional feminist vegan perspective. You can find out more about VWPA on their website or by following them on Facebook.


Jayson Flores | Contributing Writer

Gay on a Budget founder & editor, Aries/Taurus cusp, bigender, Latinx, vegan, femme person, and the biggest Buffy fan you know. Now writing for RESIST, Bustle, PRIDE, Everyday Feminism, and The Rumpus. Passionate, deeply feeling, sometimes angry, mostly emotional. Wants to make people feel less lonely in the world. Roxane Gay once said she liked their voice. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


Africa Jackson | Contributing Writer

Africa Jackson is a politics + culture writer. She spends her days whistling at construction workers and calling white people the “C” word (it’s ok, her best friend is white.) Follow her on Twitter + IG: @AfricaJwrites.

Matthew Kovac

Matthew Kovac | Contributing Writer

Matthew Kovac is a writer and commentator focusing on war, prisons, and borders. Based in Michigan, Matt previously investigated wrongful convictions with the Chicago Innocence Center and covered education, labor, and criminal justice issues for The Chicago Reporter magazine. His work has been featured by AlterNet, Antiwar.com, Common Dreams, and Truthout. You can read more of his work here and follow him on Twitter @matthewkovac.

Denarii Monroe

Denarii Monroe | Contributing Writer

New-York based social justice warrior Denarii (rhymes with “canary”) Monroe is an aspiring screenwriter, freelance writer, and a long time activist. She’s a Rutgers University alum and a two-year Pace University dropout; she studied English and Adolescent Education, respectively. Denarii is a board member of the Bisexual Resource Center and has written for BlogHer, Black Girl Dangerous, Extra Crispy, The Development Set, Brooklyn Magazine, and Everyday Feminism, among several others. Denarii is a non-fiction editor at The Deaf Poets Society, an online journal of D/deaf and disabled literature and art. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium and her full portfolio is on Contently.


Rebecca Nagle | Contributing Writer

Rebecca Nagle is a citizen of Cherokee Nation and a two spirit (queer) woman. Rebecca Nagle is a national leader in the movement to end sexual and domestic violence and is the co-director and co-founder of Force: Upsetting Rape Culture and the Monument Quilt. The Monument Quilt is an on-going collection of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. By stitching survivors’ stories together, the quilt builds a new culture where survivors are publicly supported rather than publicly shamed. FORCE is mostly widely known for their viral panty prank in 2012 in which the artist-activists pretended to be Victoria’s Secret promoting consent-themed panties and thongs. Nagle is also the co-director of The No Boundaries Coalition, a resident-led advocacy organization in Central West Baltimore. Nagle’s organizing and advocacy has been covered by MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The BBC, NPR and more. Nagle has done presentations and trainings for the National Sexual Assault Conference, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, Native Alliance Against Violence, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, John Hopkins University, and University of Maryland to name a few.


April Negrette | Contributing Writer

April is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area (Hayward) and spent most of her life there. She studied Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology at UC Davis and graduated in 2012. From there she has lived and worked in Colorado, Nevada and California mainly with tribes and Native American organizations in environmental, education or social justice capacities. She is an enrolled member of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada, and also Paiute and Spanish.


Jamila Reddy | Contributing Writer

Jamila Reddy is a writer and creative producer.   Born and raised in North Carolina, she is thankful for her freedom and likes to say hello to strangers.  As a queer Black femme Buddhist, the intention of Jamila’s work is to deepen a collective understanding of the complexities of the human experience. She believes that joy and pleasure are acts of resistance. She wants to throw your next party. She wants to make you brave. You can find Jamila all over the Internet via her blogInstagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Raghav Sharma | Contributing Writer

Raghav Sharma is a “first-generation Indian troublemaker” according to his friends and an “antifa terrorist” according to his enemies. Depending on the season, he is a writer, filmmaker, activist, and musician. Raghav has written for americaBLOG.com and is affiliated with Filler, a Pittsburgh-centric radical zine.


Kathi Valeii | Contributing Writer

Kathi writes about parenting, feminism, and justice-related issues. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Ravishly, SheKnows, and The Establishment, and she writes regular features for Southwest Michigan Second Wave Media. When she’s not writing, she loves to garden, play in the woods, and splash in the Great Lakes. You can follow her on Twitter @Kathivaleii.


Hari Ziyad | Contributing Writer

Hari Ziyad is a New York based storyteller and artist by way of Cleveland. They are the editor-in-chief of RaceBaitR, an assistant editor for Vinyl Poetry & Prose and contributing writer for Black Youth Project. You can find them [mostly] ignoring racists on Twitter @HariZiyad.

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